Shen Welness

Sinergy of feeling, touch, and healing


From the darkness shadow springs the brightest light

Shen Wellness it is about Health & Wellbeing

Our holistic approach is based on prevention, complementary natural therapy inspired by the Ying-Yang Theory and the 5 Elements.

We have integrated oligoelements in our wellness concept that help to boost &  balance the immune system by restoring  the musculoskeletal system with the aim of preventing inner blockages from inside out.

The interplay of the opposite principles constitutes the universe – Confucius

What are our values ?

AUTHENTICITY– Specialized Ambassadors of wellbeing & lifestyle with a visceral passion for Wellness, incorporating preventive methods & natural integrative therapies as core values of the concept.

Our main goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle that it has been used for centuries as preventive approach.

At Shen Wellness our focus is to be part of your health and wellness lifestyle, there for we put our emphasis on each detail, each intake with us is starts with a free consultation.

What is our vision?

Vision – An authentic Wellness Concept where the Orient meets the Occident, using herbs, plants, and minerals from the lands of the of the Balkans and preventive healing methods, which has been used from ancient time, for its benefits, stimulating body, spirit, and mind in order to conserve the body’s ´´ Qi ´´ Vital Energy

Our tailored treatments include protocols according to the standard of Ethical Coode and ethical guidelines for Wellness providers and Guide of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Philosophy – inspired from Tao Philosophy, there for we believe that nothing its static per say or non-moving, everything is transforming all the time, like the ´´Qi´ a constant vibration. We are strong believers of the fact that to achieve a fully Zen mind state now days complementary therapies are a real necessity on the daily basis life activities.

Sustainability – respect for nature and its creations, using sustainable organic product, & natural ingredients and minerals that come from nature, friendly with the environment, free cruelty, and recyclable packaging.

Work Ethics – it is our responsibility to maintain and follow the Code of Conduct for Workplace Wellness Professionals by maintaining the standards of discipline, competence, and conduct providing hight quality services.

TRANSPARENCY– Offering real information about the goal of the Shen Wellness Center.  

What is our mission?

Mission – What makes us different? Our goal is to help the physical body to restore naturally by creating a harmoniously fusion between the body, mind & spirit, achieving an optimal body flow.

What we offer

We offer hight quality tailored services, using vegan & natural products, and unique minerals with therapeutic benefits and overall wellbeing.