Therapies that work towards improving your overall health and wellbeing, while focusing on stress management with a holistic approach.
A space designed to relax and disconnect where you can enjoy multisensorial body rituals & cutting-edge rejuvenation experiences, nourish and reconnection with your mind, body and spirit.

NATURAL Rejuvenation

Facial ExpressSlow beauty in a fast world, a facial that provide the gentle cell renewal and hydration. Ideal to complement with another body treatment. 

Intense Hydra Beauty-Personalized treatment designed to nourish and regenerate the skin, as well as providing hydration and elasticity on the skin.           

Oriental lifting effect -Oriental facial fused in Japan, it’s a non-surgical natural face lift, it involves techniques that help to reduce the signs of aging by stimulating collagen, elastin and stimulating the cellular metabolism.

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Is a non-invasive treatment that involves using acupuncture needles to improve skin and fifth the aging process. Is it used as a Facial Natural Rejuvenation as a alternative to surgical facelifts and other conventional procedures against aging due collagen stimulation. Also, it helps to reduce pain jaw, anxiety, calms the nervous system.