Massage THERAPY         

One of the oldest healing forms to these days, massage therapy it is considering to be a crucial aspect for many psychical rehabilitation programs. Massage therapy promote overall relaxation for mind, body, and spirit.                        

Relax Massage– A body treatment combining organic essential oils and Swedish massages techniques to restore well-being on the body.

Deep Tissue Massage – Combination of Therapeutic massage techniques to release chronic tension patterns that affect muscle skeletal This type of massage is designed to regain control of the body as well as speeding up recovery process.   

Sport MassageSports massage designed to prepare the body for different activities. Can be applied pre/post completion with the aim of preventing injuries, as well as improving the circulatory system. Includes stretching sequency as well as dynamic massage techniques.

Reflexology- is a form of ancient feet massage originated from China. The aim of this therapy is to stimulate internal organs by applying pressure on the acupressure points on the feet.

Pregnancy massage –The aim of this massage is to reduce edema on pregnant women, by helping to manage certain symptoms during pregnancy, such as tired legs, lower back pain, neck pain, as well as improving blood flow, includes lymphatic drainage as well as relax massage techniques.